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Finance for the
climate generation

Global warming is first and foremost an economic problem: by failing to price carbon emissions, we’ve let the cost of greenhouse gas accumulation burden society in the form of an crashing climate. It is then a financial problem: while we have the technologies and know-how to solve global warming, we are not steering nearly enough capital to assets that can address its causes and mitigate its effects.At Homaio, we believe that market forces have the greatest capacity solve these problems at a systemic, global level. So we’re devising investment solutions that align individual interest with true climate impact. And we’d love your help in bringing them to life.

We are uncompromising on delivering return and impact

Our users trust us to provide them investment opportunities with strong return potential and a real impact on emissions reductions. They confide their wealth to us to realize this mandate, at a time when financial institutions have generally disappointed their clients with opaque ESG claims and vague impact on the environment.We’re assembling a team of sharp, humble, and embattled doers comfortable with complex systems where precision and nuance are essential.Compliance carbon markets are surging as their performance efficiency shifts from theoretical models to empirical evidence. Carbon allowances are going to be a dominating asset class of the coming decades. And everything is yet to be built.

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You don’t recognize yourself in any of these positions ? We’re looking for black swans, ugly ducklings, and other five-legged sheep. If you want to be part of something big at the intersection of tech, climate, and finance, reach out to team@homaio.com !