Our Mission.

Invest in assets designed for both returns and impact, with a singular focus on reducing emissions.

Climate Change is the most important problem of our time, and its up to our generation to solve it.

While the knowledge of its mechanisms and effects has become ubiquitous over the past two decades, greenhouse gas emissions - the root cause of global warming - have continued to soar. During twenty years, we have witnessed time and again passionate speeches from politicians and corporate leaders vowing for change in economic and social structures, without meaningful results. Scientists, academics, activists have pleaded, alerted, and informed without moving the proverbial needle. Environmental tipping points and their cascading effects still galop towards us like apocalyptic horsemen. And yet global warming has but only superficially and inefficiently permeated public discourse.

Previous generations have integrated a theoretical and intellectual understanding of climate change; It is Millennials and Gen Z that for the first time developed a deep resonance on an emotional and psychological level. Digitally fluent, hyperconnected and coordinated, they are empowered in recapturing the narrative and leveraging their combined economic and political power to drive transformational change. Directly concerned as the first generation that truly feels the heat in the form of health, social, economic, and environmental degradation, they are embattled in a generational and civilizational struggle to succeed where their elders have failed. We call them the Climate Generation. Their conflict is our zeitgeist. They are the spearhead that can guide and inspire others to follow in their wake.

Climate finance is on the frontlines, and it's where we’re making a stand.

If the future we build depends on the present we finance, then the financial sector will be the frontline of that battle. In the winding and devious trenches of climate finance, the inherent complexity of climate science is systematically instrumentalized in marketing ploys and greenwashed initiatives of those most resistant to change. False promises abound while cynical opportunism meshes with well-intentioned but ill-conceived actions, obfuscating the hard but real solutions that exist. Intermediaries with misaligned, short-term interests confiscate the tremendous collective power of individuals, leaving them with a false sense of helplessness and insignificance.

We’ve made kings of stewards, and need to reclaim the crown in order to act directly, decisively, and collectively to finance our future. More than ever, the means of coordinated, decentralized action exist for the public at large to free itself from its dependence on unruly financial agents.

Brainchild of that ambition, Homaio is building the infrastructure to massively funnel our financial power into addressing climate change directly, free of surrogates and delegates, and take our destiny into our own hands. We’re a market response to a global public policy failure, empowering individuals to act where public actors have not.