Invest in carbon.
Fight climate change

Invest in assets designed for both returns and impact, with a singular focus on reducing emissions.

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Finance for the climate generation

We’re on a collision course with an unhabitable world in which pollution relentlessly destroys societies at no cost to emitters.
By investing in carbon, you harness your financial power to restore balance in a broken market, steering capital to assets that really reduce emissions.

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A new way of investing

Become a pioneer in a game-changing global asset class.

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Strong Return Potential

A deflationary asset whose value increases by design as emissions rise.


Real emission reduction

Carbon pricing is the fairest and most efficient way of curbing emissions.

Invest to make a difference

The investment decisions you make define the future that gets built. Investing in compliance markets makes carbon emissions more expensive for polluters, encouraging them to deploy decarbonation technologies.

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A trading platform for carbon allowances

We’re unlocking compliance carbon markets.
They have matured into a sophisticated, global asset class with close to a trillion euros in annual trading volume.


Emissions trading
schemes globally


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Capture strong return potential

Carbon Allowances have been a top-performing commodity. As climate urgency grows, carbon prices need to continue to increase in order to incentivize industrial polluters to invest in decarbonation solutions.

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carbon units

As more and more jurisdictions around the world implement carbon trading schemes, we’ll gradually add new assets to the platform.

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Have a real impact on emissions


Withhold allowances

Every allowance you hold is one less ton of CO2 emitted by industrial polluters

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Increase Prices

By investing in carbon, you drive prices of allowances upwards, further incentivizing polluters to decarbonate

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Tighten future supply

Allowances held in your portfolio trigger tighter reductions in the future, accelerating the path to net-zero.

Become a carbon investor

Invest in one of the most exciting asset class with a real impact on reducing emissions, starting with €25,000. Carbon allowances are highly liquid asset with low correlation and attractive historical returns.

Dive into carbon markets

What is Homaio’s mission ?

Homaio wants to massively steer capital towards assets that effectively reduce emissions. It does so by unlocking compliance carbon markets for individual investors. Starting with European Union Allowances and gradually expanding to other emissions trading schemes around the world, it opens an entire new asset class designed for impact and returns to climate-conscious investors globally.

What is carbon pricing ?

Carbon pricing is generally considered to be the fairest and most effective way of curbing greenhouse gas emissions. It seeks to put a price on carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are a cost to society in the form of global warming, and carbon pricing aims at shifting that cost back to emitters. Emitters therefore face a trade-off between reducing their emissions or paying for their costs. As carbon prices increase, so do incentives to reduce emissions. This fuels systemic changes in production, consumption, and investment patterns at scale.

What is the difference between carbon offsets, allowances, and credits ?

These terms refer to entirely different markets. Carbon credits and carbon offsets refer to the removal or avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions in the voluntary carbon market. For example, by planting a tree (removal) or by switching from a woodfire cookstove to a cleaner cookstove (avoidance). Carbon credits are sold by the project developer to an individual or a corporation that wishes to offset their emissions. It’s an unregulated market which has witnessed its fair share of controversies. Carbon allowances are standardized trading units in regulated carbon markets. They represent the right to emit one ton of greenhouse gas by an industrial polluter within the issuing market. They have a capped supply, equivalent to the market’s carbon budget. That supply is gradually reduced, which progressively increases the value of each allowance and reduces emissions.

How do I invest in carbon allowances ?

Homaio unlocks the carbon allowance market for individual investors. We're currently invite-only, accepting European investors seeking to invest in this new asset class starting 25.000€. If this sounds like you, you can register on the site or email .